Over This:

Wanna know why?

Second Guy:

Mark Foster:

Why do I choose Mark if he’s so average? 

Because as weird as it may sound, I literally fell in love with him. I never thought that was possible. When I first saw him, I thought well he’s okay I guess. And now, I can find no other man that will ever outdo him look-wise. I watched countless interviews, listened to his beautiful voice and lyrics and realized what type of guy he is. Also because imperfection is beauty. Tons of girls would choose Mark over the first guy even though his looks are absolutely stunning. Some need to realize that there’s more to people than just looks. Mark has the perfect voice and he’s just a great guy in general from what we can tell. Sure he has his moments, but who doesn’t? Would you rather have a gorgeous cocky jerk who cares about only his looks or a nice, average looking guy who cares more about music and making other people happy like Mark does? To me that’s attractive. There’s tons of guys out there that are physically more attractive than Mark is, no matter how much I hate to admit it. They have perfect faces and bodies just like that first guy, but to me…because of the way I feel about Mark as a person, paired with the little things that are most attractive about him like his eyes and that perfect smile with those imperfect teeth of his, Mark Foster is the most attractive man that I’ve ever seen in my life. And he always will be. 

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