Oh and one more thing.

This fandom is amazing. Yeah we had our bad moments but honestly what fandom hasn’t? 

I love you guys so much. Just as much as my real friends. Which actually is only one. So real friend. But no seriously. You guys are absolutely amazing. Not only did FTP and Torches make me who I am today, so did you guys. My tumblr experience would NEVER have been the same without you guys. 

I want to give a special shoutout to these people, who I do, or have talked to the most on tumblr. 






I’m probably forgetting some because I get some url’s mixed up a lot. 

But they’re not the only people I’m thanking right now.

This whole fandom is amazing. You guys rock. 

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  1. mysilentmask said: This made me legit tear up and now I am a puddle of my own tears. I love you and you made my FTP and Torches days 10x better. I honestly could not have asked for a better person to become friends with on here and I want to thank you. Truly an deeply.
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